The city portrayed at different times of the day.


City from a different view

Flower sea painted in densely.


A maze of flower

What is DANCE to a dancer? What is Dance to you? A series of typography drawings in demonstrating the journey of a dancer.


The strength behind the elegance

Do you hate rainy days? But are they really that bad? Try to see it in a more optimistic way. Here, I present you with colorful, vibrant colored rain. This is also the pattern basis for the SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) fashion project, go view the project in fashion page as well!


Rain may seem depressing, but is it really so?

Do you ever wonder who you are? Self-exploration? Identity struggle? Be free to explore and fear not.

m.y.our way

What is the right way?  

A maze to find your own crown. What do you seek most in life? Is it worth it? Is it truly 'success' or is it just an illusion? Focus on something that is eternal.


Follow the map to find the way

How does the city look like? How did the city look like? Simple? More peaceful? Vibrant? Busier?


Was it as vibrant?

Are you perfect? No, we all admit that. But are we brave enough to show it to the world or do we hide it and package it? Perhaps it is time to accept the flaws, it is beautiful, it is part of you.


They are part of us, accept them